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Nokia on the verge of a major comeback

Stephen Elop, chief executive officer of Nokia, hopes Windows Phone can save the ailing handset maker. Photo: Bloomberg

ONCE synonymous with innovation, quality, and market dominance, Nokia’s stock price has slid steadily (from $US40) since late 2007, around the time Apple’s iPhone first entered the market Read More →

Rebel restraint bodes well for Libya’s future

Libyan rebel fighters in Tripoli (Photo: Sergey Ponomarev/AP)

MUAMMAR Gaddafi’s hold over the people of Libya is coming to an end. This moment in Libya’s history is indeed a delicate work in progress Read More →

Osama bin Laden and Ratko Mladic: contrasting justice

Ratko Mladic (centre) in 1994. (Photo: Emil Vas/Associated Press)

BETWEEN Osama bin Laden and Ratko Mladic, the comparisons are many Read More →

Obama’s Arab world speech is well-timed


IN the Middle East and North Africa there is a great wave of change sweeping through the hearts of their people. We have seen America’s measured, multilateral, and UN-heeding response in Libya that is providing hope to those who seek freedom from tyranny Read More →

Time to intervene in Libya

time to intervene 1

IF ever there was a relatively clear-cut case for UN military intervention, it’s now in Libya Read More →

A flood of help

An Australian Defence Force Chinook transporting a water purification unit during the Queensland floods, January 2011

KEVIN Rudd should have displayed more tact when explaining to the media why he declined offers of foreign military aid for the Queensland floods Read More →

Et tu, Julia?

gillard rudd

ET tu, Julia? Again we see the treachery of politics, and the disconcerting power of the media Read More →

Australia. True blue.

Australia True Blue logo, design by Robert C Johnston 2010

‘Australia. True blue.’ sums up everything that is good and decent about Australia Read More →