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How Microsoft self-sabotaged Windows Phone


WINDOWS 10 Mobile is coming soon to Lumia phones, but will Microsoft leave customers and its new mobile operating system languishing, just like it has done with Windows Phone 8.1? Read More →

Could the iPhone 5 threaten Apple’s mystique?

What the iPhone 5 could look like

WHILE each Apple product launch is preceded by unrivalled buzz and expectation, perhaps that can be especially said for the upcoming iPhone 5 Read More →

Nokia on the verge of a major comeback

Stephen Elop, chief executive officer of Nokia, hopes Windows Phone can save the ailing handset maker. Photo: Bloomberg

ONCE synonymous with innovation, quality, and market dominance, Nokia’s stock price has slid steadily (from $US40) since late 2007, around the time Apple’s iPhone first entered the market Read More →