Consider carefully the implications of SGX-ASX merger


REGARDLESS of the proposed financial benefits to Australia of merging the Australian Securities Exchange with the Singapore Exchange, I would be wary of the fact that the Singapore Exchange is 23 percent owned by the Singaporean Government Read More →

Et tu, Julia?

gillard rudd

ET tu, Julia? Again we see the treachery of politics, and the disconcerting power of the media Read More →

Australia. True blue.

Australia True Blue logo, design by Robert C Johnston 2010

‘Australia. True blue.’ sums up everything that is good and decent about Australia Read More →

A hero and his cobber: a tribute to Pte. Frank Johnston, 55th Battalion AIF

Pte Frank Johnston - Johnston family

ON the night of the 19th-20th July, 1916, Frank fought in the Battle of Fromelles, the first major action involving Australians on the Western Front Read More →

Advance Australia

polar bear

IT is disappointing to hear senior Australian MPs remark that it is “indefensible” for the Government to have an agreed plan for an emissions trading scheme ready before the Copenhagen summit Read More →

Australia’s chance to lead when leaders are needed

WITH a relatively small population and limited military power projection, Australia as a nation has historically found it a challenge to exert its influence in world affairs Read More →

Tall poppy syndrome will hurt Australia

australia film 3

CRITICS and the media have been scathing in their attacks on Baz Luhrmann’s film, Australia, and unfairly so. It is disappointing that we have again succumbed to Australia’s infamous societal flaw – the tall poppy syndrome Read More →