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Why Tony Abbott refuses to support renewable energy

wind turbine

THERE is that memorable line from The Great Gatsby which reads, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Its interpretation can differ depending on the reader. Who is in the boat? Could it be Tony Abbott? Valiantly paddling against a wind of change? Or is it the Australian people? Hoping to forge forth to a new future against a stubborn tide of old ways of doing things Read More →

More safety needed for surf competitors

A surf boat crew gets airborne (Photo: Jon Dibbs). A 15-year-old rower, Robert Gatenby, was drowned at Aussies at Kurrawa Beach in 1996 after a collision with another surf boat in cyclonic conditions.

HAVING been a surf boat rower who has twice competed in Aussies at Kurrawa, and a volunteer lifesaver for 10 years, my thoughts have been with the Barclay and Bird families this past week Read More →

A flood of help

An Australian Defence Force Chinook transporting a water purification unit during the Queensland floods, January 2011

KEVIN Rudd should have displayed more tact when explaining to the media why he declined offers of foreign military aid for the Queensland floods Read More →

Consider carefully the implications of SGX-ASX merger


REGARDLESS of the proposed financial benefits to Australia of merging the Australian Securities Exchange with the Singapore Exchange, I would be wary of the fact that the Singapore Exchange is 23 percent owned by the Singaporean Government Read More →

Et tu, Julia?

gillard rudd

ET tu, Julia? Again we see the treachery of politics, and the disconcerting power of the media Read More →

Australia. True blue.

Australia True Blue logo, design by Robert C Johnston 2010

‘Australia. True blue.’ sums up everything that is good and decent about Australia Read More →

Advance Australia

polar bear

IT is disappointing to hear senior Australian MPs remark that it is “indefensible” for the Government to have an agreed plan for an emissions trading scheme ready before the Copenhagen summit Read More →

Australia’s chance to lead when leaders are needed

WITH a relatively small population and limited military power projection, Australia as a nation has historically found it a challenge to exert its influence in world affairs Read More →