Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 10586 In-Depth Review on Lumia 930

Windows 10 Mobile brings several new features. Photo: Microsoft website

Microsoft’s opportunity for success with Windows 10 Mobile is not yet out of reach, but the clock is ticking. Here is my review of Windows 10 Mobile running on the Lumia 930, having tested it as my daily driver for over a month Read More →

How Microsoft self-sabotaged Windows Phone


WINDOWS 10 Mobile is coming soon to Lumia phones, but will Microsoft leave customers and its new mobile operating system languishing, just like it has done with Windows Phone 8.1? Read More →

Why Tony Abbott refuses to support renewable energy

wind turbine

THERE is that memorable line from The Great Gatsby which reads, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Its interpretation can differ depending on the reader. Who is in the boat? Could it be Tony Abbott? Valiantly paddling against a wind of change? Or is it the Australian people? Hoping to forge forth to a new future against a stubborn tide of old ways of doing things Read More →

Why I won’t be using fingerprint sensors on smart devices

Just a thought...

I can’t help but feel uneasy at the idea of using my fingerprint – something that is irreplaceable – just for the sake of convenience Read More →

UN status for Palestinians could encourage moderates


Granting observer status to Palestine is a forward step on the path to reconciliation Read More →

Could the iPhone 5 threaten Apple’s mystique?

What the iPhone 5 could look like

WHILE each Apple product launch is preceded by unrivalled buzz and expectation, perhaps that can be especially said for the upcoming iPhone 5 Read More →

Rebels must show humanity to captured soldiers

Syrian Free Army soldiers capture a regime police station

IF the Syrian rebellion wishes to hold the moral high-ground in the eyes of their countrymen and in the international community they must vigorously distance themselves from extremists Read More →

Russia can play a lead role in ending Syrian bloodshed

Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria

DESPITE setbacks with Russian cargo ships accused of continuing to deliver military supplies to the Syrian regime, the best scenario for the removal of Assad remains with Russian cooperation in the UN, for the sake of the people of Syria Read More →